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photography series

Walk Blank
Walk Paint
Paint Continuation 2
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Paint Continuation

RISING (Group Show)
Mute Interaction, Millie Francis
Docklands, Melbourne

Mute Interaction, Millie Tuttle
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photography series

Palm Tree
Untitled (carpark)
Walk Texture

concrete on bicycle


photography series

In 2010, I was travelling on the tram back to my uncles house after a productive day in the studio. The tram was pretty full, but around the MCG in Jolimont I saw a seat! Scooting over, I caught a glimpse of a piece of paper on the seat before I landed and grabbed it. The image below on the left is a photo of the physical photograph I found that day. It was old, a Kodak veteran, starting to fade and brown.

I became obsessed with this little souvenir, and started using clues in the photograph to try and locate it. Google street view had become a thing of the present and I scoured the streets in search of my pinpoint. Eventually getting close enough and not knowing what to do next, my lecturer at uni who I had shown the photograph to said she could help.

A week later she returned from Adelaide, and we met in my studio to discuss the email she had sent me the day before. In it, was a single attachment of a photograph, the one you can see below to the right. She had wandered around the neighborhood I had located until she found the spot and stopped in awe to take the photo.

The project seemed over, but the legacy it holds with me about the coincidence of life, lives on.

Original Adelaide
Re Take Adelaide

Graduate Exhibition Show 2012
Victorian College of the Arts (UniMelb)

Urban Projections
Urban Projections
Urban Projections