Why I made it
We all went a big stir-crazy during lockdowns and I was no different! My hoarding heritage came alight when paper towel rolls started amassing in my recycling bin. I looked up what they could be upcycled into and here is the result: Makadactyl coasters (miniature frisbees eat your heart out!)

How I made it
It’s such a cool trick, weaving the coasters in and out of one another to form a cute little square. I use each one as a doodling mindfulness exercise, drawing random shapes and patterns that come to me in bursts as I go. The colour choices are the same; randomly selected from a bunch of sample pot paints that I have collected over the years.

What I made it for
I use them to brighten up areas all over my house. From kitchen benchtop decorations to perfume bottle stands, they can really go a long way to adding some fun to every corner.

Who I made it for
While I was living in Turkey for a few years, I sent these coasters to friends all over the world. They are easy to ship because they are light and flexible. Maybe you have a far away friend that you want to give a gift to as well?