Why I made it
I remember I was on a trip in 2019 to New Zealand, and at some point, I found myself alone, in a roadside hotel doodling house plants with vulvas on the leaves in the middle of the pub. Who knows why, I was probably just bored. A few weeks later I started to experiment with drag queens I was obsessed with. And from there, there is now.

How I made it
I was lucky enough to teach a graphic design course to students a few years ago and through this I discovered Procreate. I use this program on my iPad and draw using the Apple pencil over layers of photos to create the final design. At the end of the process, Procreate makes you a little time lapse video of the process as well! Sweet.

What I made it for
I love collecting different prints from artists I love! So, I knew when I started drawing regularly that offering digital prints for people to buy wherever they are in the world was something I was going to offer too. Plus, when you have a digital file, you can use it on everything from stationary to clothes to mobile phones cases. Oh! And I offer that too <3

Who I made it for
House warmings, baby showers and birthdays are upon the long list of reasons to buy a print! Why not add a bit more vulva and drag into ones life, kick back and enjoy x