Why I made it
Have you ever just really felt like having snakes around your neck? Ha! Me neither… but when I happened upon this little experiment I knew it was a success. Representing the revival and regeneration that snakes symbolise, why not freshen up your earring collection with a pair of these slippery and slithery friends.

How I made it
I was playing around with cardboard after moving house in Turkey. At some point I started painting on the cardboard and then cutting the motifs out. From there, earrings emerged of all shapes and sizes. The snakes however, will forever be my favourite.

What I made it for
To brighten up the conversation! Who isn’t going to want to talk to you when you have such curious little creatures on your ear dangles. Hopefully it doesn’t have the opposite effect and scare away pending suitors, hissssss.

Who I made it for
Mothers and daughters alike will want to look like the witches they are with these familiars dangling around. Bring a little magic into your own headspace and treat yourself too, why not?