Why I made it
Each artwork features a different drag queen that I admire on Instagram or Ru Paul’s Drag Race. While I was travelling in 2019, it was an easy way to be creative with a small amount of supplies. Everything was pre-cut and ready in a parcel I stored in my backpack.

How I made it
In preparation for the trip I used a fabric cutter that my brother had bought a few years back and I had never given back, whoops! I transferred my digital drawings onto fabric with the fabric cutter and then embroidered them back together while travelling.

What I made it for
At first, it was just a project to keep my ADHD fingers busy while travelling on trains and buses. But the project ended up having a bigger meaning, each artwork is connected to the places, things and people I saw while I was travelling and provided a safe place to retreat to when culture shock was a bit overwhelming.

Who I made it for
Myself! But I think I am ready to let go of these special beauties and let them live new lives with other special people that love them too. Is that you?