Why I made it
So there’s this weird rule in Turkey, that after a period of time living there, you have to buy a phone in turkey or pay a bunch of money to be able to keep using your own. So, I bought a new phone and this inspired me to get a new cover! When I showed my friends and some family, they wanted covers too and all of a sudden the idea was hatched.

How I made it
Of course, I locked on and went hard with this idea. I worked out how to get the phone cases manufactured with my custom designs on them in Turkish. What a time! They are made from a really good quality silicone and heat printed to ensure that the designs last for a really long time. I have had my case for nearly 2 years and it doesn’t have a scratch yet.

What I made it for
To protect the little black boxes – as my grandmother used to call them – that we carry around in our pockets all day long! Why not decorate your phone with a design that’s special and meaningful to you, of a pet or person that you love. Or, go with a MakaDactyL design and add some colour into your surrounds. Either way, you will go about your day happier knowing that your number 1 device is safe and sound in a MakaDactyL cocoon.

Who I made it for
Anyone can order a case for themselves or as a gift for a friend, relative or partner. They come in a range of brands and models, including iPhone, Samsung, Asus, Oppo and more. I am currently looking for an Australian company to manufacture with, now that I have returned to the country. Once this is sorted, I will be taking orders again.